6 x 17 feet


Challenger Green

The Challenger is the smaller of our two 6 foot wide models allowing a 4 foot breaking putt, either left or right. You will want to challenge your friends with those 15 foot putts. The Challenger, like all our models, can be set up on any level surface, inside or outside. Add the accessory practice chipping matt and you have a complete system.


*shipping & taxes where applicable


The Challenger includes:

  • 31 Segments
  • 2 Cups with flags
  • 1 6x17 foot turf
Challenger Green without rough

Shown here without rough grass segment

Rough grass segments can be added or removed at anytime

Challenger Green with chipping bed

Shown here with optional 40' x 40" chipping bed and turf. $299

Extreme Green Video

For a full demonstration on how our Extreme Greens work, take the time to view this important video. Dave Martens is the inventor of the Extreme Green and he demonstrates the features of our green, from assembly to putting and use of the chipping mat. If you have any questions after you have viewed this video, just give us a call.

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